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In modern life
Buildings、The house、The following problem?

1:His buildings blocking the development of the highway,Is directly to dismantle it?
2:Road to development,A row of outlets when the road,What to do?
3:Villa could integral to the north150M?
4:What the structure of the building can translation?
5:Large workshop can translation go?
6:School building can be removed?
7:Panning and building demolition reconstruction which is high cost?
8:Which side has a housing translation company?How much is the service call?

Translation choice is full house,No worries a choice!

The company all qualified,Registered by the industrial and commercial bureau
1:The company is approved by the department of appoint construction,Registered by the industrial and commercial bureau has the qualifications of independent legal representive.it is also the independent company
2:Company was set up for many years,Main building translation project、Maintenance and repair、Correction
3: Municipal contracts and keep promise enterprise,Customer satisfaction tracking enterprise certificate,Comprehensive advanced collective
4:County contracts and keep promise enterprise、The tax registration certificate、Organization code certificate
Adhering to the“Do high-quality goods project、Honest and trustworthy”For the purpose of the enterprise
1:In line with honesty、Keep faith with high quality、Efficient service
2:Carry on“Unity is practical、Innovation development、Optimistic and enterprising”The spirit of enterprise
3:Stick to it“The owner by the good faith service,To expand the market brand
4:Expand the advantages by innovation,Company to benefit”The operation strategy
Comprehensive business development in more than 20 provinces and cities throughout the country
1:Throughout the country with hundreds of cases,Cooperate with many industry types enterprises
2:Translation company technical force is abundant,The equipment is advanced
3:Equipped with experienced skilled construction team in engineering
4:A translation、Correction、The carton、Bridge jack-up translational building engineering contracting qualification and, such as computer control system and hydraulic loading equipment
Specific service project,The construction safety and reliability
1:Undertake housing translation,Building in translation,The translation house,Villa translation
2:Undertake translation、Dormitory building translation、Outlets translation、Translation for the hotel
3:To undertake building translation、Mobile、Shift、Turning
4:Undertake community building to correct、Building as a whole、Building the overall decline

The office building translation

Office building in translation is to building on a pedestal,The lower bracket has roller,There are rail lower rollers,Turn off and then building and foundation,This building is formed a moving body,And then move it to the fixed with traction equipment on the basis of the new。

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XXX factory translation level high precipitation

XXX factory translation level high precipitation By is full house translation company operation,Our company undertake professional translation house、To rise、Down, etc。

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Nantong born big mouth cut workshop translation at a high speed

Nantong large high-speed mouth cut workshop translation is a classic case,The factory cut translation is also reflect my is full house translation of technical strength,Flat on the basis of incision

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Qidong city industrial park, Shanghai road workshop office building translation

Qidong city industrial park, Shanghai road workshop office building needs to move because of local demand,The factory boss is urgent,The whole demolition built again,Add not a decorate3-5Years together,Demolition cost is not high also,Very not bargain,

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About us

Yancheng is full house translation co., LTD

The company was founded in1999Years,The registered capital400Wan,Employees200More than one,Is jiangsu yancheng specialized in doing translation company,The approval of the appoint construction department,Registered by the industrial and commercial bureau has the qualifications of independent legal representive.it is also the independent company,Translation company specialized in building translation is full house、Building in translation、Translation as a whole、Building translation、Building as a whole、Building the overall decline、Community building correction and built(Structure)Translation as a whole、Correction、The carton、Shift;Top of bridge、The carton;Foundation treatment、Foundation pit supporting、Special foundation engineering design and construction。 Since its establishment,Integrity of law-abiding conduct business activities,Get the affirmation of the government departments。Company rational thinking about the development of the market,Don't blindly greed big o,But the energies on pioneering spirit、Strives for perfection the spirit of the above。

Building how to translation

A building translation method and the device,It is composed of the upper three-dimensional structure、On the foundation beam、Lifting beam、Walking device、Propulsion system、Under the foundation beam、A bar of concrete and plain concrete cushion layer

Building translation what are the benefits?
Building translation benefits is to save money,Little influence on production and living,Save time limit for a project,To protect the environment,Good urban planning
How much money a square moves to the floor
How much money a square moves to the floor?Basically see the moving floor object,Is a building、Manufacturers、Villa、The office building、Village outlets,Translation for each item price is different。
Building translation a little influence on production and living?
Building translation a little influence on production and living?Using translation technology to building the use of personnel's life influence。
Building translation cost savings?With the demolition reconstruction which is cost-effective?
According to the survey of building translation of the now,Building the overall translation cost only to demolish rebuild cost1/2~1/4,Even reach1/6;