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Star huang paint

Company's main high-end chemical coatings,Products cover glass coatings、Ceramic coatings、Wood coatings、Architectural coatings、Anticorrosive coatings, etc。
Have passed“ISO9001Quality management system certification”、“ISO14001Environmental management system certification”、“Product certification of Chinese environment mark”、“China compulsory product certification(3CCertification)”And so on,
Products with independent intellectual property rights,And in the international、National authority such as assessment for the green environmental protection product。

Clean to retread technology

SWSanitary ware、Repair technology is the United StatesSuperfine Works Technology Inc.Application technology research center,Product20In the renovation of practical experience

The color crystal glass processing technology

Color crystal glass for the modern building decoration、Indoor building materials、Furniture decoration、The latest trends in home decoration and noble design,Reflects the modern market for advanced building materials of a kind of fashion

Electroplating、Imitation electroplating services

When you find the company or the metal in the home、Brand、Sluice、Door lock、The faucet、Metal decoration and lighting becomes obsolete or wear phenomenon,Need not bothered。

Retread guidelines

In addition to providing professional sanitary ware renovation,We also provide other various types of renovation services,Including:Wall brick、Floor tile,Smallpox、Metal renovation﹐Ceramic tiles,Even steam bath and the elevator door, etc

Construction of disease prevention and control

The some quality problems in construction,Due to happen very often,Is like“Frequently-occurring disease”、“Common diseases”,As the quality common fault。The quality common fault prevention,The same to the main reasons are also analyzed on the basis of the investigation,In order to achieve“Suit the remedy to the case,Be done”The purpose of。

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