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The company has been committed to providing customers with complete、Food comprehensive solution,Provide timely、Professional、Effective service

Accurate research and exploration,More reasonable design scheme of function、Run more to save money,Real form a complete set of products,Put an end to shoddy,Establishing the image of high quality industry,Quotation of clear、Be clear at a glance,Let you know that every penny spent

With experienced management team,The entire product production process fully follow the product standards stipulated by the state,Make the product be totally transparent operation。

Advocate team work spirit,Efforts to create fair,Efficient、Trust、Collaboration and value realization of the work environment,Make all the staff sincere cooperation,Constant innovation,Keep up with the development of information technology,To provide customers with more perfect service

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Shandong Ming hair intelligent equipment co., LTD

Shandong Ming hair intelligent equipment co., LTD. Is a collection of smoked furnace, and the design of the intelligent equipment research and development,Production and manufacturing,Marketing services in one of the professional company,Witnessed the Chinese food industry and intelligent automation equipment industry started,Development and innovation。The company has the industry outstanding engineering and technical personnel and high-quality staff team,The production of food machinery and has been in the domestic leading position,Represents the development direction of domestic industry。 The main products are:Smoked furnace、Steamed(The toaster)The furnace,The filling machine、Drying room、Frozen meat grinder,Vacuum mixer,Chopping machine at a high speed,Vacuum roll kneading machine and meatball machine series,One of themMAE-500Steamed furnace for im so cooking,Smoked products,The market share among the best。 The company insists on:The most honourable customer,The most precious of employees,Credibility is the most precious of core values,Adhere to quality is the life,Service is the enterprise concept of the soul;Insist on ning to explain for price for a while,The operating principle of don't apologize for quality of life,Adhere to scientific and technological innovation,Continuously exceed the initiative is to benefit the development of road。The market as the guidance of Ming send people will continue to follow unswervingly,With food manufacturing industry constantly absorbing international advanced technology and processing technology,Innovation development,To innovate,For the food machinery and technical progress of intelligent equipment and great progress and make unremitting efforts。 Social commitment,A long way to go,Ming hair company will, as always, pursue a harmonious development,Integrity win-win principles of life,A hand man of insight hand in hand to seek common development,Improve together,Care for human health。 ......