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Industrial senior vocational school in guangdong province

Industrial senior vocational school in guangdong province1974By labor and social security hall of guangdong province approved the establishment of directly under the management,Provincial finance sum tranche of state-run national key senior vestibule school universities and colleges(At the level institution)。2002In guangdong province directly under ministry of Labour and social security hall management,2003Promoted to national key vocational school,2004Years passedISO9001School quality management system certification,2005Promoted to national senior vestibule school year。School has more than 40 years of history,Has accumulated rich experience in teaching,Current students5000Many people,There are tens of thousands of graduates to state organs and enterprises and institutions to mouth post work。A reputation as a string,Is a training high、Fine、Sharp technical personnel of provincial full-time vocational school。Guangdong industrial senior vestibule school implements the management mode of a set of two pieces of brand team,By the expert scholar governance。

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